making with love

over 2 decades

a family tradition

our story

Spurzile’s is a combination of a cultural love for food and a desire to bring families together around the table, to remind us of what the American dream was all about,  by embracing all cultures and walks of life in our diverse selection of flavors and mixes. We aim to provide flavor and style to your food with our delicious selection of butters inspired by our individual heritage combined to create a mouth-watering masterpiece. We want to share our passion and lifestyle with you through our one of a kind idea, and make your life a little easier in the process….Welcome to Spurzile’s family.


Here at Spurzile’s we order our ingredients from high quality producers receiving the best they have to offer. Our various extracts, seasonings, and oils are carefully selected for our blends through potency and grade. We take pride in providing premium ingredients to your plate with love and care


We strategically order our ingredients from seasoned businesses who practice great B2b customer service and directly communicate and problem solve with their customers.

Perfect balance of taste and texture.

Elizabeth Torey