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A butter that is balanced to perfection

We pride ourselves in using natural flavors and ingredients in our creation process. The recipes for our butters consists of high quality ingredients balanced and measured to perfection to produce our amazing array of flavors to simplify your cooking process, and fancy up daily meals or recipes. We believe in providing the best product possible, and going completely over the top to perfect our flavors. After creating the first batch of HomeStyle Steak butter to compliment various Butters, we realized we had something Great. From our HomeStyle butter came three more flavors: Sweet Wild Smoke, Jerk, and Lemon Rosemary. These flavors belong to what we call our “Sarriette Collection” or savory for short, specifically created to replace the basic stick of garlic or plain every day used butter. Our main goal is to simplify your cooking process, share cultural flavors, and to have you enjoy gourmet restaurant style cooking from the comforts of your own kitchen.

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100% natural ingredients

170 + years of culinary knowledge and experience turns natural ingredients to delicious natural gourmet butter.

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We take pride in knowing that we sell an amazing, one of a kind product that contains no artificial additives and GMO’s. Best of all it is Gluten Free.

Family Tradition

We here at Spurzile’s share many unique traditions with our families but they are all centered around sharing a meal together.

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Enjoy an unsuspected flavor experience

Our Sarriette Collection will provide an explosion of great flavors and ingredients to your plate.  Soon to be introduced to the mix is our “Sucre’ Collection”. This collection will compliment breakfast items from bagels to French toast, and any kind of dessert recipes that already use butter. This is a unique way to amplify the taste and flavor of any recipe or cooking extravaganza. We provide the best ingredients and flavors throughout this  journey to ensure that you enjoy every meal with Spurzile’s.  Our gourmet butters can be deliciously used as a savory spread, or basic base for the skillet or pot. Simply melting it to glaze your veggies and meats provides a unsuspected experience with aroma and flavor that can not be matched.

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Feel free to submit as many recipes as you like, just be sure each submission is for one single recipe and don't forget to include photos.

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Each recipe must include a minimum of 1 Spurzile product. Make sure other ingredients can be found in supermarkets and that they're easy to prepare.

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Share a little bit about what makes your recipe special and different from all the rest. We love originality and cant wait to see what your cooking!

Aroma and scenery

Enjoy the energy you put into your meal
All of our flavors have a unique and very distinct way of smelling and appearing as the butter cooks. As you put our butter in that pan, the marble scoop will melt away and create a beautiful potent smell that will only make you hungrier and coming back for more. Enjoy the live art and great energy put into your meal. Each unique flavor creates a different cultural experience that will expand your taste buds to an international level. This is what perfection tastes like. Truly enjoy the experience.

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